Who We Are?

At 3P IT Solutions, our aim is to provide comprehensive IT solutions and services to the businesses of any size. 3P IT Solutions have many years of combined experience in providing IT solutions and services.

At 3P IT Solutions, our best asset is our network support team. With vast IT industry knowledge and an experience base spanning many sectors, products and services we ensure that our clients receive the best at all times. In a technical world that is evolving at its greatest pace yet, we believe that people still need to talk to people, which is why we are always at the end of the phone if you need us.

As the IT culture becomes more complex, 3P IT Solutions strives for simplicity. If you are an IT professional, you know your business and we respect that working with you to enhance your solution. If you’re not, we respect you too by giving simple, clear advice, not techno-babble.

3P IT Solutions is committed to customer success. Emerging technologies are making it possible for businesses to interact with new and existing customers on an unprecedented scale at an affordable cost.

At 3P IT Solutions we start with the assumption that customer success is our success. We understand that web services can be expensive. Costs for equipment, servers, routers, bandwidth, and technical expertise can stifle growth and profit. 3P IT Solutions. is your technical partner. We provide you with the technical resources at an affordable cost which allows you to focus on your business without the technical headaches and overhead. At 3P IT Solutions we gain customer loyalty the old fashioned way - we earn it. We know that reputation in the Information Age means everything, and that the only way to achieve success is by taking care of our customers and giving them every advantage that the technology will allow.

With an exploding global membership, the Internet has become the business medium of the new millennium. Customer satisfaction is still the name of the game. The Internet is in its infancy, but a look just over the horizon at the competitive world of tomorrow reveals the logical extreme of the Information Age with regard to customer satisfaction. Customers will demand instantaneous information about products, services, the status of orders, and exact delivery times. They'll know that the technology is available and will settle for nothing less. They'll demand to see their current balances and payment options. They'll want to hold discussions online with other customers about the merits of companies, products and services. They will need to be able to rapidly bundle and unbundle service and product offerings to augment core competencies and diversify revenue streams. Like the revolutionary eras of the telephone and television, a new age of interactive information exchange for the masses has begun. The companies that seize the opportunity now and learn this new medium will benefit immensely in the long haul.

3P IT Solutions customers have our word that we will be there to assist them every step of the way as we enter this new and exciting era. We look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you will make us part of your team by including us in your overall business plan.

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