Pay Per Click

Pay Per click (PPC) Services is one of the foremost vital elements of request Engine commerce because it effortlessly permits you to bid on a group of equipped keywords which can completely offer your web site to mount high on the request engine grade.

3P IT Solutions SEO strategists know how to target specific markets and segment campaigns in a way that minimizes the cost-per-click for you. Our SEO experts are able to create precise PPC campaigns for your most profitable and strategic keywords, structured in a way that makes every penny count. Our areas of work are:

  • Research new keywords
  • Segment and group your keywords
  • Blacklist negative keywords and keyword groups
  • Monitor your AdWords advertising results
  • Information from Google AdWords regarding bid pricing and ad performance
  • Negative keyword suggestions
  • Creating keyword groups
  • Turning keyword groups into ad groups
  • Creating pay-per-click ads
  • PPC Advertising Data from Trusted Sources
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Made Easy

We ensure you get the very best out of your Pay Per Click advertising. Our Search Engine Optimization team makes sure your adverts are seen by the right people, at the right time.
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